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As new mommies, we usually don’t get enough sleep we are just doing whatever we can do to survive the unknown experience of becoming a mom.

Any mommy could quickly write a list a lot of reasons, but the list would overwhelm the page. For me, the number one reason was that my baby wouldn’t rest. The problem becomes worse when you have multiple little children like my two kids and me.

Me Without Sleep

Have You Ever Seen The Walking Dead? Well that’s what I look like when I haven’t had enough sleep my arms are hanging low I’m in a bad attitude, and I’m out for blood—hehe. But instead of blood, I was feeling up myself with lots and lots of coffee. Oh… how I loovvvve coffee. It just seems like there is never enough time in the day doing the chores when they’re asleep and attending to them when they’re awake it just looked like it was a never-ending cycle of taking care of them with no room for rest..

Split The Responsibility—If You Can

If you are with your mate, you can get help when you are stressed and take some time for yourself. Your mate may be working and tired too but it is both of your responsibility to care for the child and being a mom is a job in itself.

The problem can get little complicated because a lot of parents have to each work jobs, which can make you feel like a roommate more than a partner, but after a while, you will get into a rhythm. You need to remind each other that you are doing a good thing and there will be some time a little later to catch up. Once you get onto a schedule, you will find that there is still a little room for romance—if you know what I mean.

Not all mommies are going to be in a situation where we have a spouse or loved one helping us raise our child. There are a lot of reasons why and we do not need to get into those. Understand that you are capable, you are a fantastic mommy to your children without the need of a partner. It is a little more work but it is worth it, and you have the strength— even if you feel like you cant. I know you can make it through.

It Gets Easier

As kids get older, it gets easier. They’re able to play more by themselves (as long as their play area is safe and secure). Your child’s playtime leaves you able to do those daily chores that generally would have to be done when the little angels are sleeping. In this article, we’re talking about what to do when you’re a NEW MOM. (I just wanted you to know it does get easier) As they get older, you can work while they’re playing and sleep when they sleep.

Some Tips To Help Out New Mommies

Let’s take out the fact that there are some products on the market that can help you get better sleep if you’re a new mom. Some socks tell you what your baby’s temperature and heartbeat is. There are cribs and playpens and other things to help keep the child distracted. We’re going to talk about other things that can help out mom’s that might not to be able to afford those more expensive items when raising their children.

Also, remember that there’s no substitute for motherly love to help soothe an upset child. And don’t think that by having these expensive items means that they are going to raise your child for you.

So, if your child needs your undivided attention, here’s what you can do.

Step 1: Learn Your Babies Sleep Patterns

Take out a sheet of paper and write down the times that your baby is awake and when they’re asleep. It is going to be helpful to know what your baby sleeping pattern is so that you can be ready to take advantage of those moments.

Now that you know when your baby usually sleeps and how long they’re awake, the goal is to help them sleep as long and thoroughly as possible.

Make sure they have on comfortable clothes and that their diaper is clean and expertly adjusted. Make sure that the area the baby is sleeping in is also suitable.

You may consider soothing activities such as singing to your child, lightly massaging them, giving them a half bath, holding them or cuddling them.

Make sure that if you were the one that was being put to sleep that all the conditions are right and you are entirely comfortable. Check everything.

Step 2: Accept That You Need To Adjust To Your Babies Schedule

This step was a hard one for me. I had a plan and routine for myself and adjusting it for somebody else is difficult. Once I gave in, and I started going to bed when my kids went to bed, I realized that I was able to get more sleep.

Now, I wasn’t able to get the full 8 hours undisturbed that we want but I was able to get a few hours here and there, and it helped me through those tough times.

Just remember babies aren’t able to adjust to our schedules, and so we need to do what we can to adapt to theirs and the better job we do adjusting to our baby schedules—in the beginning, the easier it’s going to be.

Step 3: Practice Because It’s Going To Take Time

We are learning what our children’s sleep schedule is, what conditions they are responding to, as well as, monitoring our sleep and health. We are adjusting to their schedule and catering to their needs.

So how do we make this easier on us? Let’s approach this the way we would any household project. We’ve identified the situation, we are getting a good idea of what our baby’s schedule is, and we know what we need to do.

Practice makes perfect. Understand that even though we know our baby schedule, it doesn’t guarantee that they’re going to hold to that. We need to be understanding and realize they’re just babies.

Getting upset at your child is only going to raise tension between you and your child. It’s going to make them more irritable, as well as, less comfortable. Those are two things that we’re trying to reduce to help our children sleep better. Keep that in mind. Practice but don’t get mad.

Expert Tip!

As your children get a little bit older, you’re going to be able to start adjusting their sleep to fit better into your ideal schedule. Please understand that babies need a lot of rest. Don’t expect a newborn baby to be able to adjust to whatever sleep schedule you’ve determined immediately.

As our children get older, they’re able to sleep and stay awake longer. At this point, you can start to adjust their schedules to fit yours.

We can do this by stimulating them while they’re awake to help them stay awake longer as well as allowing them to be peaceful when they sleep. Use the techniques that we discussed above and have been practicing.

Just like before, it is going to take time, and we need to practice. We’re going to take baby steps by adding 5-10 minutes of awake time here and hope for 5-10 minutes of sleep time there. We will adjust to what our children are responding to and keep trying new ideas.

You’re probably not going to see the full 8 hours of sleeping consistently in the first year. But it does get better, and kids adapt well.

So start taking those steps. Cater to your child and slowly bring them to the point were both of you can get full and refreshing sleep. Enjoy being a mother and grow the special bond that comes with all the hard work and sleepless nights. Remember it is just a process, and we are strong enough to give it our all. Our children deserve this from us.

How About You?

What are some activities or advice you would give to other Mommies who are trying their best to survive? What has helped you thrive?