Tech & Gadgets: Protect Yourself From Social Networking Scams with Norton 360

Modern moms (not just moms who work at the office but also those who work from home or stay at home) use computers and the internet for various purposes – including socialization. Almost everyone has a Facebook and a Twitter account, and I think sooner or later, a lot of us will also embrace Pinterest and Instagram. It’s obvious that socializing online is the new way to be, and this especially applies to moms who have a tight schedule, making it hard for us to go out with friends very often.

When you socialize online, you can chat with your friends, join groups and clubs, and form groups. There’s almost no reason to visit with or meet new people in person anymore, except that meeting in person now holds fewer risks for the theft of your personal identity and other damages that could be done than living your life online. Unfortunately however, social networks are now being used not just for socializing. Instead, some people use it for scamming, stealing personal data, and more. To protect yourself from such unfortunate circumstances, might as well install an anti-virus software in the computer you are using. Try Symantec Norton 360. Norton 360 can help keep you socializing, no matter how much you do it by:

Alerts you when you receive suspicious links. When a link you receive on FaceBook or another social networking site is not actually from a person you know, Norton 360 will alert you.

Warns you NOT to visit spam or scam sites. Norton 360 detects malicious and dangerous spam or scam sites. When you click a link in social networks which possibly leads to suspicious sites, the program alerts you and prevents you from visiting those sites.

Alerts you with possible SNS game scams. Alerts you to possible scams in social networking games that ask you to pay for coins or other perks, or that ask you for your cell phone or email so that they can start spamming you or making slamming charges against your cell phone bill

Lets you control the emails you get. You get a message in your email from a social networking site that doesn’t make any sense. In most cases these are not from the site. You can control the types of emails you get so you can avoid feeling the pain.

Social Media is taking over the world, and like all things that dominate you need to ensure that you protect yourself against them. Whilst having its advantages, it also has its disadvantages too. Ensure you don’t fall prey to the disadvantages and invest in Norton 360 today.

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