Mommy Tips and Tricks: 4 Essential Tips in Managing a Teen Party

If you don’t want your kid partying in other houses or elsewhere, you should let her have the party at your home. This is especially ideal if you have a kid in her younger teen years who is celebrating her birthday, her graduation, an award, or the likes. When having a teen party at home however, you have to prepare a lot for all the expenses, the messes, the potential teen troubles, and more. Here are some tips that could help you manage a teenage party.

Involve your kid in planning.

Since the party is technically your kid’s party, let her do the planning – with your constant guidance, of course. If your kid is having her birthday, you can never go wrong when you let your kid choose among the many sweet 16 party themes you can think of. You can of course, narrow down her choices but let her pick what she wants. You should also let her deal with the invitation and make her choose the guests but do no let her invite anyone you are not comfortable with. Consult your kid about the food to prepare and the decorations as well.

Have a discreet party ‘spy’.

When you have a kid’s party at home, you can’t be there and watch everybody all the time. Everyone – even you – would find it awkward and annoying. So, the best thing that you can do is to get someone to watch them for you. Find an older teen that you can trust and make them your kids secret ‘chaperone’ to the party. This chaperone can handle the crowd so you can just go upstairs and check in every once in a while.

Determine the budget for the party.

Let your kid think of the theme for the party – as well as the decorations, food and invitations BUT make sure everything won’t go beyond your budget. Plan it out with your teenager. If you can, let your kid stick with not-so pricey foods that kids would love – soda, chips, pizza, hotdogs. Buy in bulk from the grocery so you can save and if you can, make the pizzas, cook the hotdogs and fries, and make the burgers with your teen. For the invites, your teen can actually just send invites through Facebook, email, and the likes.

Discuss the rules.

Talk to your kid with regards to how many guests can her party accommodate and talk about how you should deal with party-crashers. You should also set up party areas. Make sure they have a place where they can chat, a place where they can dance, a spot where they can drink and eat, and a zone where they can do whatever teen activities they want to do – for as long as it is legal. In addition to that, set a soft end time and a firm end time for the party. Your kid and the discreet spy should start shooing the guests away by the soft end time. By the firm end, everyone should really go home.

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