Home Improvement: Using Copper for Kitchen and Plumbing Aesthetics

People with great taste use copper for their kitchen and plumbing requirements. There are families that want to have sinks that are made of pure copper. They do not only have copper sinks, they also have sinks that have a slight radius in the bottom so that water can easily slide down the drain. This type of design is the byproduct of high quality workmanship. If you want to create a kitchen that’s pleasing to the eye, you ought to try this type of sink.


Copper drain, waste and vent pipes were very popular in the 1950s and 1970s due to aesthetic reasons. A decade after World War II, plumbers and home builders considered copper products as the practical choice. However, the popularity of copper products used in the plumbing industry started to wane in the decade of the 1990s. Come the 21st century, copper kitchen items, copper drain, and vent pipes were then considered expensive in comparison to the same type of items that were made of plastic.


The problem with plastic piping

Builders began to use lightweight plastic such as ABS and PVC because these materials are inexpensive and easy to work with. However, there are several problems with plastic piping which you won’t surely have if you have copper plates. First, most users complain that plastic pipes are noisy. When water surges through the pipes, the plastic material vibrates and makes annoying sounds. It is exacerbated by the fact that in most buildings, plastic pipes are installed near walls and ceilings. Builders were able to go around this problem by wrapping plastic pipes with insulation material in order to cancel noise.

Aside from the annoying sounds that plastic pipes make, this material is not durable in comparison to pipes made of metals. In some cities, local officials do not allow the use of plastic pipes such as ABS, especially when these are installed outside the house. This is because direct sunlight will cause damage to the plastic cover and pipe over time.


Choosing copper for your kitchen and plumbing needs

Due to the various problems associated with plastic piping, a lot of people are now consider the use of alternative materials such as copper. The only downside with the use of copper is that the copper walls of some of products are relatively thin and so, extra care and proper handling is needed when installing such items.

Homeowners who installed copper-made items to their sinks are very satisfied and impressed with the solid construction and quality of the finish of their sinks and other related equipment. When you get a copper sink, however, make it a point to find the right copper drain that complements the sink. If the local phone directory listing does not offer much help, you can always go online and explore your options using the Internet.

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