Home and Living: How to Make your Bathroom Child-friendly

Whether you’ve got a baby on the way and you’re planning ahead, or you’ve just got relatives with young kids coming to stay, or you’ve got toddlers like mine, the bathroom can be a surprisingly difficult and dangerous place for them to negotiate. It’s a good idea to install a few child-friendly features to make life a little easier for them.

There’s really no point in installing child sized sinks and toilets, as the kids will soon grow out of them and you’ll be left with an expensive redecoration on your hands. Instead, buy a stool or a step such as the Imperial North Shore Step Stool to help them reach the adult sized appliances you already have.


Remember never to leave a child unattended in a bathroom, even for a minute to answer the phone or door. You should always accompany your kids whenever they use the bathroom, until they turn five, or better yet, six. There are any number of risks from hot water and drowning to locking themselves in. To help avoid the latter, ensure that your locks are placed high up on the door and are easy to unfasten from the outside too.

You’ll probably need to have some sort of bath mat that grips to the tiled surface to avoid slipping on wet floors. And you might also want to invest in a lock on your bathroom cabinet to keep prying fingers away from any harmful cleaning products or sharp objects like razor blades and scissors.

And on the positive side, you could buy a few small bath toys that you can keep organised in a basket next to the tub. Few kids will agree with you that bath time is fun, so having a rubber duck or toy boat to keep them distracted will feel like a lifesaver at times.

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